Welcome to the Bòrd na Gàidhlig Gaelic language plans portal. This site is designed to support the staff of public authorities responsible for writing and implementing Gaelic language plans, including Gaelic development officers, marketing, HR, policy and training managers, CEOs and Boards.

Although the site is primarily aimed at public authorities, it can also be used as guidance by any organisation wishing to produce a non-statutory Gaelic language plan.

We will provide you with guidance through the process including planning, auditing, consultation, implementation and monitoring.

Our portal provides a range of useful resources to help you develop and implement your Gaelic language plan.  You will find information on why and how to develop a Gaelic plan and tips on how to implement it once it is approved.  We also offer specific tools to help advise you regarding various aspects of your plan and you can also benefit from other authorities experience through the FAQs.

You can access approved Gaelic language plans here.

You can access a list of public authorities who are currently carrying out public consultations on their draft Gaelic language plans here.

Your plan will become part of a Scotland-wide strategy to provide Gaelic language service users and staff with the opportunity to have their choices met, while supporting your organisation and its employees to develop the tools they need to meet these choices.

The development and implementation of your plan through service delivery, policies and internal processes works toward a greater vision. That vision must take into account the everyday impact your operations have on the language and its users. We want to work together to promote the Gaelic language and raise awareness of its value to Scotland - in ways that are pragmatic, relevant, encouraging and, ultimately, achievable.